Coronavirus Update

As of now we do still plan on holding our Big Bass Tournaments on Potholes and Lake CDA as long as the ramps are not closed and the state govt. doesn’t shut us down. Everyone’s health and safety are our top priority including our staff and attendees. We are going to make sure that social distancing is taking place. What is “Social distancing”, it is a conscious effort to reduce close contact between people to try to stop the spread of illness. In order for us to follow govt. protocol we are requiring our attendees to register online. We will be sending out your boat number to you so please make sure you bring it with you to the event. Driver’s meetings will be held on the water.

If you are sick stay home and let us know if you will not be attending the event so we can reimburse you.

Awards distribution will most likely be through the mail but will keep you informed. We will keep you all posted of any news or other changes when information arises.

Russ Baker

Congratulations to Justin Whisler & Chelsey Lewis (Chelsey not pictured)

They won $10,000 plus $600 for the hour and an additional $7000 in Phoenix First Flight Incentive bucks for a total payout of $17600
We paid out $600 an hour for first Big fish of each hour and $300 for 2nd Big Fish of each hour. $22600 in total payout.



  • Pre-Registration is MANDATORY as this will help with the “Physical Distancing” guidelines.
  • Must be registered 5 days prior to the tournament dates as there will be NO REGISTRATION at the tournament.
  • Boaters Meeting will place on the water

Lake Coeur D’Alene Big Bass Team Tournament at Harrison